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Mindfulness Fatigue to Mindfulness Burnout

Zoom fatigue, COVID fatigue…mindfulness fatigue? Learn how to stop mindfulness fatigue from throwing your efforts off track and escalating into mindfulness burnout.

What Is Mindfulness Fatigue?

It seems like lately the term “fatigue” has been applied to more areas of our lives than ever before. Now there’s Zoom fatigue, COVID fatigue, empathy fatigue, dating fatigue, eco fatigue…and so many more.

Can you also relate to mindfulness fatigue?

At WorkMinded, we define mindfulness fatigue as “disconnection from mindfulness tools and resources due to overload, overwhelm, and overexposure from mindfulness information and materials.”

Mindfulness fatigue is real. And it can affect your motivation, your commitment, and your overall success when it comes to incorporating mindfulness into your work and your life.

Why Is Mindfulness Fatigue Important?

We are really thrilled to see the increasing availability of mindfulness resources in the past year – we believe that mindfulness remains critical in a post-COVID world and that mindfulness accessibility should continue to be prioritized.

But sometimes, all these amazing mindfulness resources can start to feel overwhelming. With so much information out there, it’s hard to know what applies to you or where to find what you really need. This can leave you with questions, doubts, or uncertainty about how to proceed.

Excessive information, idealized portrayals of mindfulness in the media, and generalized applications of specific mindfulness techniques can make it really difficult to find and focus on the tools that truly support your goals. All this can prevent you from engaging effectively with mindfulness. And sometimes, it can even lead you to disengage from mindfulness activities altogether.

Don’t Let Mindfulness Fatigue Hold You Back

If you relate to mindfulness fatigue, we’re here to help! It’s important to ensure that you can engage with mindfulness in a way that supports your goals and intentions.

You can take proactive steps to stop mindfulness fatigue from throwing your mindfulness efforts off track. When you feel mindfulness fatigue starting to creep in, see if you can pinpoint where it’s coming from. Are you getting too many mindfulness content notifications on your devices? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the results of an online search? Are you experiencing doubts about your abilities to practice mindfulness? Identifying the source of your mindfulness fatigue can help you take specific actions to reduce its impact.

It's also important to take steps to prevent mindfulness fatigue from evolving into mindfulness burnout. While mindfulness fatigue can lead to feeling disconnected from your practice, mindfulness burnout can ultimately lead to total disengagement from any kind of mindfulness activities. If you’re experiencing signs of mindfulness fatigue, don’t disregard them! Identifying mindfulness fatigue early can help to prevent mindfulness burnout.

Resources for Mindfulness Fatigue and Mindfulness Burnout

Our intention is that the wealth of mindfulness resources out there feels empowering for you. We offer services to help you identify and focus on the tools and information that are most relevant and useful to achieving your goals.

For individuals, check out our mindfulness coaching to help sort through all the information available and design a mindfulness practice that fits with your goals and lifestyle. Our coaches can also help you develop a recovery plan for mindfulness fatigue and mindfulness burnout. Click here to schedule a free mindfulness coaching consultation.

For organizations, we can help you figure out where to direct your resources to get the most out of your mindfulness program or mindfulness initiative, including addressing mindfulness fatigue and mindfulness burnout for employees. You can schedule a free organizational mindfulness consultation by clicking here.


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