Course Description

In this course, the WorkMinded team walks you through ways to promote your workplace mindfulness benefits.

Get started today to increase awareness, participation, and engagement for your program!

You might find this course especially useful if:

  • You feel like you’ve been sharing information on your mindfulness program, but are not getting the results you need
  • You have limited time or resources in your role to commit to marketing your program
  • You are accountable to leadership or stakeholders for program outcomes
  • You truly believe in the mindfulness program you offer and wonder why more people aren’t participating

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Course Content

Getting Started

Learn about why a mindfulness marketing strategy matters, how to set a customized objective for the course, and keys of mindfulness marketing.
Getting Started

Creating a Mindfulness Marketing Strategy

Take a deeper dive into specific tools and actions to create your mindfulness marketing strategy.
On Message
Getting to Know You
Channel Surfing
Traffic Control
Putting It All Together

Additional Resources

Access FAQs and information on our additional services.
Additional Resources