Mindfulness for Work

$349.00 3 Sections 10 Lessons

Course Description


In our Mindfulness for Work course, the WorkMinded team shares 8 specific mindfulness skills designed to improve your work experience.

Are you interested in applying more mindfulness to your work? Mindfulness for Work focuses on key work concepts and related mindfulness techniques that you can start applying right away. 

This course can be especially helpful if:

  • You're interested in bringing more mindfulness to your work but aren't sure where to begin
  • You feel overwhelmed at all the mindfulness programs, apps, and information out there
  • You haven't found mindfulness content that is focused enough to apply to your own situation 
  • You aren't completely sure what specific benefits mindfulness can provide for your work

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Course Content

Getting Started

Learn about what to expect, how the course is structured, and accessing the course workbook.
Lesson 1 - Getting Started

Mindfulness for Work

Learn about key work competencies and mindfulness techniques to help you reach your goals. Each lesson includes a work concept from organizational science, along with a mindfulness practice to help you build your skills.
Lesson 2 - High EQ
Lesson 3 - Serenity Now
Lesson 4 - You Got This
Lesson 5 - Me, Myself, & I
Lesson 6 - Pride & Prejudice
Lesson 7 - Judgment Free Zone
Lesson 8 - Good Vibrations
Lesson 9 - Learning Curve

Extra Resources

Learn about additional tools and resources as you continue on your journey, and share feedback on your course experience.
Lesson 10 - Extra Resources & Course Survey